Living in a flatshare fun or stressful?

Until today I’m happy about my flatmates, I share my apartment with other three, sometimes we hang up together, we spend time at home and I never had an issue concerning house cleaning, which is for me the first thing, specially when you share the flat so every week in turn we clean the flat: simple. Back in years I had trouble with other flatmates, specially after a couple of month you spend living with new people turns up they don’t clean after themselves and  you are doing most or all the cleaning which leads a great amount of stress and anguish.


When I speak with other people in flatsharing they always have the same type of problem so for sure I could put this problem as first when you share a flat.

Another thing I don t understand is, why talking with others seems there are all as me, have my same attitude then I always ends up with the wrong people?

Anyway, a great solution for solving all the house cleaning issue could be Mop  ( ) with an online booking service for trusted, pre-checked cleaners, with no commitment to a contract. All cleaners are interviewed, reference checked, and given a cleaning test (I love this!) before they start to work for Mop and there’s an insurance policy in place to cover your property and liability too, giving you complete peace of mind.


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