“The cheap dream house”

Here we could have a dream house with all the facilities and comfort that super riches can enjoy but just with a tight budget.

Compulsive hoarder's house collapses in Germany

Listed for just 999£ in south London, for many but not for anyone!!

We could start form the doorway, for sure some work are necessary not much though.


Just in we walk in the spacious living room, needs just some little painting but great laminated floor!


This is the best idea ever: kitchen with a nice shower and toilet, ( I’ll definitely do the same in my flat, good space saver ! )


An example of refined modern architecture double bed room


There are some sharing spaces, not a big deal…


But it worths with the outdoor swimming pool.


Want to do some workout but too lazy and tired to pack your staff and go to the gym? here the solution!


Another bedroom I reckon, but I’m not sure…


Here some example of modern art ( I don’t really like it, my girlfriend would say because you don’t understand it! ) whatever…


Beautiful huge bathroom, where you can have some relax after work in the bathtub, just be careful don’t fall asleep !!


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