Could garbage fuel work for cars?

In “Back to the Future,” Doc tosses some garbage like banana peels and beer into fusion energy reactor to power his Delorean before to fly away. I don t think we are quite at the same point  but we’re not that far from being able to power cars on garbage.

doc fuel

Powering vehicles with garbage sound

s as far-fetched but soon could be doable, al least more than a car used as time machine, because it’s already being done on a small scale.

Creating liquid fuel from solid garbage involves a process called gasification where heat without flame transforms carbon-based solids into synthetic gas, which can then be distilled into ethanol, an alcohol that’s already added to the gasoline supply in many states, and used in cars already on the road.

Many feedstocks as coal oil natural gas, asphalt sewage, plastic, wood agricultural and and municipal solid waste.can be used to create the Synthetic gas, or Syngas.

The feedstock is heated but not burned under pressure until it decomposes, the decomposition process breaks apart the carbon bonds in the garbage and turns into something like natural gas — syngas.

Some experimental vehicles, like the Honda Civic NGV run on compressed natural gas. Syngas could probably be used as a fuel for this car. But what about the millions of cars already on the road that can’t use the “garbage gas”?

Here we are: once the syngas has been created at Coskata’s plant, it’s fermented from a gas to a liquid by bacteria in an aqueous environment — which literally means bugs that live in water tanks. These bacteria breathe in syngas and eliminate ethanol. All that’s left to do is distill the ethanol from the water. The ethanol is engine-ready, and the water goes back to the bugs with very little being wasted in the process and ready to be used!


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