The greatest way to get a room using Bed and Breakfast online: AirBnB

Inge og Ole?s bolig

Today i’ll talk about my experience with AirBnB.

Two weeks ago I had to find a double room for my parents who were coming to visit me for a week or so here in London.

They couldn’t  stay at home and I wanted to make them pay as less as I could for a decent place not too far away from me, even in an expensive city such as London. In front of my apartment there is a BnB/Hotel, so one day I popped in even if from outside it didn’t look nice at all to me. As i stepped in I realised, as i expected, it was pretty grimy, anyway I asked a double for the days my parents needed it, the price and if i could see it. It was 40 per night but the host didn’t let me go to check the room so I left.

I didn’t want to get the room in there even if the place was quite well located (zone 2 in East London 5 minutes walk from Mile End Central line tube stop and in front of my flat too).

One day while i was talking to a friend and asking if she knew a place for my parents, she suggested to download an app for my i phone called AriBnB.

If you have a spare room or your flat is vacant for a while you can list it on this website, quite simple.

She showed me a couple of features and pics and she told me I could find a nice room for a little money so I got quite interested on the spot, I downloaded it and once at home I checked the web site too.

I had a great impression with the home page, looks very nice and clean, there are some nice sliding pictures on the background of rooms and properties, and the search engine is right in the middle where you have to fill it with the location, check in, check out dates and numbers of guests.

I realised you have a vast choice of rooms, shared rooms and entire flats, and on average you have a great looking rooms for any kind of price and I was quite surprised they start from 30 pounds for a double and 25 for a single.

I started my research for double rooms around my flat and here is where i found some difficulties. I found loads of lovely rooms, but to make a reservation you have to choose the room see if is available for the dates you need any pay. I had to make few reservation because each time the room chosen turned out wasn’t available. That’s because many hosts don’t update the availability status on the site, so it took me around one hour to find a nice room in Stratford, just one stop away from me, at 40 pound per night.

Once I found the room i had to pay all the nights I booked the rooms for and 28 pound fee to the website on top of it. Once you pay, the site holds the money; this means the payment is not taken until 24 hours before the check in, so if you find another place or you don t need the room anymore or the host has revoke the booking you can cancel it without losing money.

I did the reservation, the host accepted, I called her just to get to know each other and to arranged when i could pick up the keys.

The day my parents arrived, I went to the flat, I spoke with the host which was very gentle and friendly, she showed me around and she explained me few things about the flat. The room was exactly as it was in the pics tidy and clean.

The all experience went smooth with no problems at all, the last day my parents left the keys on the table and the day after they review the host and their experience using the website.

I have to say  I was impressed with the service that AirBnB delivers using the website and the i-phone app either, even if you have to struggle a bit to get your reservation accepted, there are loads of rooms and nearly every one looks nice, for good prices. Payments are made through the web site so you don’t have the need to deal with any cash at all.


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