Are kitchens getting smaller?

Kitchens areas are getting smaller dramatically with new properties and conversions, suggest a brand new report.

Estate agents point out that partly due to an enhance in Londoners eating out at restaurants , kitchens now are the reason for a smaller proportion of total living area in new build developments and conversions within the capital than in the past.

small kitchen

Their item listings show growing variety of flats along with kitchens across the 6. 5 sqm sizing, around 7-8 % with the whole internal part of the apartment as well as roughly half the size of an average car parking space. Inside the 1960s, the common British kitchen inside a post-war brand-new build was 95 sq ft.

“With a smaller amount and fewer time used preparing meals in your house, we are beginning to see the kitchen completely disappear as being room in its very own right, and instead being subsumed to the wider living and dining space, inches.

Once a means of space-saving within tiny residence blocks, combined kitchen-diners have become necessary for many house-hunters, plus much more practical than a separate kitchen area. Looking towards the future, it begs the actual question whether the London kitchen is about to perform a disappearing take action on all of us altogether, or whether it has already stopped to exist as a must-have room.

Rapid searching

Rightmove provides added details about broadband speeds and accessibility to their online home inventory. Research for the portal demonstrated that customers found that broadband details were a far more important feature when trying to find property than information on transport links and close by schools.


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