Fruit Ninja how to use fuit as homewares

Wandering in to the net I tripped in this peculiar stylish website. Erika Zorzi e Matteo Sangalli two italian designers during a trip from Asia to Australia they had a quite great and simple idea. Transforming the fruit peel’s in homewares.


As soon as they got to Australia in Melbourne they selected from local markets apples, mangoes, bananas and rock Melon, cut into geometric shapes then reassembled as object by hand.

fruit_ninja_9-630x420 fruit_ninja_12-630x420

Now all the homewares are available on and soon in some Melbourne’s  Shops.


Flying form home

travolta house

In the first place looking at John Travolta’s house in Florida you probably would notice parked a Boeing 707 along with a small private jet just right next to the property. That s because he’s configured his home to provide easy access to the planes… and a nearby runway.


Can you imagine? In fact Mr. Travolta literally can, for instance, grab some breakfast in the kitchen, and then stroll out, under a canopied walkway and into the cockpit, open the long mechanized gate and be airborne in a matter of minutes likewise you could  be doing in your nice two bedroom flat in Stratford when you have to pick up your car, but for sure Mr Travolta unlikely will get stuck in traffic jam!

For the rest this house has nothing more than other’s super riches (except of course the control tower) like a swimming pool with hot tub, a garden in the guise of a heliport, further parking for at least 6 cars ( i think is a little too small, must be hav all those airplane he doesn’t use much the car), a 1.4-mile runway, a gym and stables for the 75 horses down the road.
travolta living room
Now ok with the airplane, swimming pool, gym, and all the rest, but why on earth 75 horses?